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5 ways I’m weird.


My daughters are seven now, and I’ve noticed that the universe of kiddos nearby sometimes uses the word “weird” in a negative way. You know that way, right? When the word is accompanied by a scrunched nose. A mocking tone. Frowny lips.

I like to tell my daughters that everyone is weird in their own special way. To embrace the weird. That un-weird is boring. After the four billionth time of repeating myself, I got to wondering: In what ways am I weird? Let me tell you, the list is long. But here are five randomly-selected ways I’m weird.

  1. The single most important factor in my decision whether or not to purchase a keyboard is the sound it makes when my fingers hit the keys.


  1. I’m proudly from a state with only two escalators. (Also, I’m afraid of escalators.)


  1. I smell every clean cup, mug or glass prior to use. Often, I will reject these receptacles until an appropriate-smelling one can be found.


  1. I laugh inappropriately when people get startled. I’ve been known to write a scene in which a character is startled just to make myself laugh.


  1. I never sleep with my limbs hanging off a bed because I think ghosts will touch me in my sleep. Because one did once. Or maybe it was a dream. Or…I guess it could have been one of my weird daughters.


How are you weird?

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