#cloneme contest: win books!


Lately I’ve been feeling like a need a clone. My family’s new tagline is: Accepting Germs Since 2012, which means I’ve had at least one kiddo home with me at least one day for at least the past four weeks. The extra bonding time is amazing, but my heart breaks for the little bugs, and having someone barfing/coughing/sneezing on you doesn’t make for the productivity. And, as much as I love-with-all-my-heart traveling with the You Are Next gang, it means less time at the computer spent writing. I’m sure everyone reading this post can relate: There are always too many things to get done in too little time. Funnily enough, I wrote a book about clones. It’s called The Originals, and it’s coming out May 7th, which will be here before we know it. Revived, which is not about clones but which is also sort of cool, comes out in paperback three weeks from today. I got a big shipment of the paperbacks yesterday and, though I’ll have to add “go to the post office” to my to-do list, I’d love to give away a little prize package including… The REVIVED paperback, some swag, AND an advance copy of THE ORIGINALS! To enter, tweet using hashtag #CLONEME why you need a clone. (You can reply here, too, to say hello or that you’re loving this season of Walking Dead or that you just got bangs and want to know if they look cute or something, but entries must be tweeted to be considered.) Send your creative tweet by midnight PST on Tuesday, April 2nd, and then one of my kids will randomly pick a winner. (Hint: The judges can’t read, but they can recognize their favorite letters, so you might want to use a lot of Cs and Ls. We aren’t partial to Qs around here.) US entries only, please. In other news, I’m going to relaunch my website very soon, so look out for updates. Finally, I’m planning a post with some hints about my WIP. Because it’s better to write about it than write it…right? And…back to work.

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  1. I tweeted, but I wanted to say that I love this new season of the Walking Dead! There is a game that came out last year for Xbox 360 called The Walking Dead, it is a choose your own adventure type of deal. Not a action shooter type of deal. it follows a group of survivors headed through a different part of Georgia. Glenn is with you at first. If you like the show, you would like the game!

  2. I need a clone so I have someone to agree with all of my opinions, no matter how crazy they are. Also, a clone could help me play practical jokes on people and convince them that i can teleport, etc. Finally, I need a clone so I can read more books, because there aren’t enough hours in the day

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