REVIVED Launch Party Pix!

Yesterday I kicked of my REVIVED tour with a launch event at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle. (If you live in the Seattle area and haven’t been to the store, go immediately. It is awesomesauce.) Quite a few people came out to help me celebrate including several local authors. Event attendees got to rub elbows with Kevin Emerson, Sean Beaudoin, Heather Davis and Liz Gallagher. I had the amazing Judith Fernstrom on hand to document the occasion and the one shot I wish I’d asked her to get was one of all of us authorly types together. Next time! The event happened in the downstairs reading room, but before guests hit the stairs, they were invited to be photographed as the cover model for REVIVED. The book has such an eye catching cover that I thought it’d be fun, but Judith blew my expectations out of the water with her mad photography and editing skills. It’s so fun to look through the gallery of shots!   Once downstairs, people listened to a REVIVED-inspired playlist created by my blogger friend and Music Advisor Jen of AsToldByJen, and ate cookies chosen as “favorite” by three of the REVIVED characters, Daisy, Matt and Audrey. They experienced what it was like to be Daisy Appleby: They got new names and towns, and had to guess the relocation locations for a chance to win books and other prizes. The places were a mixture of real cities like New York and Omaha and towns from a “strangest town names” list like Goat Town, Georgia and Lick Skillet, Virginia.  (Oh yeah, those are real.) Casey from Elliott Bay did a nice introduction, and then I welcomed people, said a little about the book and showed the just released trailer created by Visual Quill. And then came my favorite part of the event. Two teens, Margaret and Emily Dauer, and Theater & Film Director Mark Zufelt from Holy Names Academy high school did The. Most. Amazing. Reading. Ever. Mark read Mason; Emily read Daisy and Margaret read Audrey. I watched them in awe, so impressed by the way they brought my words to life. I said afterward that I want to pack them in my suitcase and take them on the road with me, and I wasn’t kidding! Those girls have the brightest of futures ahead! (Side note: If you’re in Seattle and want to see a production, check out what’s happening at Mark’s company, Next Stage.)   After the reading, I answered some excellent questions from the audience, gave out a few prizes and then signed some books. All in all the event was a huge success and left me feeling loved and supported by my local peeps. Thanks again to all who joined me! It being Cinco de Mayo and all, I returned home to a fiesta prepared by my ridiculously good cook of a hubby, featuring carnitas, steak tacos, killer Spanish rice and homemade chips and guacamole. I ate approximately forty seven pounds of food, and toasted the day. Nearly four-year-olds being as they are, my daughters didn’t go to the event, but they didn’t mind. If you’ve been to one of Mommy’s signings, you’ve been to them all. And besides, all they wanted were the balloons. Holy static head, Batman! Tuesday, I hit the road for Chicago. If you live there or in San Francisco, New York City, Rochester or the Portland area, I’m coming to get you in the next few weeks! Be sure to check my Events section for days/times. Until next time…

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time! I especially love that everyone was able to recreate the cover. Glad it went so well!

  2. I was just scrolling along and then BAM there’s my picture. It surprised me, but I’m quite liking it. I hope you have a good time in Chicago :]

  3. This sounds like an AMAZING event!

    I’m super bummed because I saw that you’ll be in Palo Alto, which is where I live for about 4 months of the year. But on May 11th I’ll unfortunately be in the UK! So of course I’ll be sending my mom off to the signing at Books Inc. Palo Alto and try to snag a signed copy of Revived from you 😉

  4. Brilliant. Getting other people to read FOR you. Nice.

    This party sounds like the best time! So many creative ideas. Where do you get the time?

    Congrats, Cat. Love you!

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