what’s your favorite memory?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Etsy. I’m talking L.O.V.E. Bazillions of creative people in one place showing off their designs? Come on! From Etsy sellers, I have purchased wall decals and vintage owls and the coolest, custom painting known to man, among (an embarrassing number of) other things. So, it’ll come as no surprise that I follow Etsy on Twitter, which is why I managed to spot this blog post this morning. As you can see, Etsy posted about Fifty People, One Question–a company that makes movie montages of fifty people…answering the same, single question–and Etsy and I both love its recent project: What’s Your Favorite Memory? Naturally, watching the video, I was reminded of London Lane, the main character in my book FORGOTTEN. London’s memories are of the future: I wonder what she’d list as her favorite? Feeling joiner-ish today, I started thinking of MY favorite memories. Here are a just a few: The easy one: My wedding day. Hubby was so nervous that I thought he was going to pass out during our EIGHT MINUTE ceremony. It took longer for my brother-in-law to light the candles than it did for us to get hitched. The one that makes me misty every time I think about it: The day our girls were born. They arrived one minute apart and were huge at just over seven and eight pounds. Now three, they ask me to tell them the story of their birth all the time, but instead of going with my sweet/true ending–“And then we drove home from the hospital and started our lives together”–they improvise. “And then I jumped on Grandma’s head!” Two silly ones: The time in junior high when three of my friends simultaneously peed their pants at Pizza Hut because we were laughing so hard; hiding a cardboard cutout of a hot guy inside the shower to scare my college roommate. Two (more) sentimental ones: The day my youngest brother was born, which also happened to be my own birthday. I got a live Cabbage Patch doll and a best friend, too. Also, I’ll always remember my Grandma Mary’s laugh. Inhale loudly, then keep doing it over and over again: That’s what it sounded like. She loved to laugh and it was contagious. And finally, the day my first novel sold was one I’ll never forget. We were in the midst of a heat wave, and I had two sweaty, drooling one-year-olds wanting to play while I was trying to navigate an auction. When it was all said and done–when it was decided that Little, Brown was going to PUBLISH SOMETHING I’D WRITTEN–those little monkeys giggled as Mommy danced, even if they didn’t know why. What are some of your favorite memories? SHARE!

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  1. My favourite memory is when I was about 10/11 my dad, mum and brother said we were going on a day out, to some shops. I wasn’t sure where, but we seemed to be in the car a long time. I fell asleep. When I woke my parents were shouting ‘look out the window’ When I opened my eyes and looked I saw the sea.
    It was my first ever trip to the seaside and I can still picture that first glance. It was breath takingly beautiful and I was so excited.

    Another great memory – my first ever holiday – I went to Disneyland Paris this year (I’m 23 but better late than never)- my first flight, hotel, theme park, passport – everything. Was so amazing

    Dancing on the school playing field and acting crazy with my friends.

    There are so many! I’m hoping to add ‘getting published’ to my list too. 😛

  2. Wow, there are just so many memories that I can’t even remember which are my favourites! My favourite memory with my family is probably when we had a road trip together. It was quite rare, considering that my parents are always busy. I always enjoyed road trip and it was really memorable.

    My favourite memory about YA book is probably the story of how I first found Forgotten! It never happened to other YA books. I purely found Forgotten by myself (without bloggers, goodreads, etc) and directly fell in love with a quote!

    I really love your memory of the day Forgotten was published and sold for the first time! I can’t wait for your next novel! 😀

  3. That video is touching:)
    I have so many memories..<3
    I have a lovely memory, though, of laying on a beach of pale golden sand, with blue-green sea washing up to my toes. At the moment, I was reading Forgotten, thinking of all MY good times, along with the notes of London&Luke:')

  4. My favorite memories are going to DisneyWorld, going to Chicago, and getting to meet you! I can’t wait for “Revived” to come out!

  5. My fave memory is horse riding with my best friend Blayne in America through a wood. I live in the uk and she lives in america so it was a rare and beautiful experience x

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