forgotten movie update…there’s no update

Hubby tells me that I spend too much time on my blogs and that’s why I don’t blog often enough. Point taken. So now, I will attempt to blog FASTER and MORE and about WHATEVER I HAPPEN TO BE THINKING ABOUT. (Today, mostly, I’m thinking about boots. I’m a boot-lover. A boot whore, really. More on this later.) Perhaps a more relevant thing to QUICKLY blog about is the FORGOTTEN MOVIE. I’ve heart recently from a few people looking for an update. And the update is… There’s no update. Back in February, Paramount bought the movie rights, with Hailee Steinfeld attached to play London. It was insanely amazing, because that was before the book even came out! And people, have you SEEN True Grit? That girl is talented. Anyway, what happened next? Not much. As far as I know, the movie is moving forward, albeit slowly. Paramount selected a production team and is looking for a screenwriter. Ms. Awesomesauce Steinfeld is still on board, and there have been meetings to discuss said onboard-ness. (You should totally follow Hailee on Twitter, by the way.) And that’s pretty much all I know. I’ve come to discover through this experience that authors aren’t really involved in the movie-making process. The rights are sold to movie-making experts who essentially take them like a baton in a relay race and run. As much as I wish I did, I have no input on casting/screenplay/music/timing/etc. I can’t get you a part in the movie–not that I’d want one, but I can’t get myself a part in the movie! I don’t know when it’s shooting, or where, or which bands are going to be on the soundtrack (but I do love to make fake playlists). Oh, and I have no clue whether Hailee’s hair will be dyed red (though her hair already seems to have reddish tones, which works for me). So, to you sweet folks who are anxious to see the FORGOTTEN movie get made, I say, “thank you,” and I PROMISE to update this blog/Facebook/Twitter the very MOMENT I have more information. Until then, let’s talk boots. You like?

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  1. Hailee Steinfeld is the perfect London. The perfect actress to the perfect story written by a lovely and phenomenal writer. I don’ think she should dye her hair, but that’s just me. Hailee is THE most incredible person, and if you see her in the near future Cat, please tell her I said so.

  2. Oh my! that would be brilliant if she played London! I love that character so much and can picture it. She’d totally have to dye her hair though! Don’t worry, I’ll have imaginary words with the production folks! 😛

    Love the boots too – it’s the lace up part… I’m jealous!


  3. I love the book terribly and hearing that they are making a movie out of it…made me super happy…i just want to know, who is going to play Luke?!?!?! i want to knooooooow……..=)……i cant wait for the movie to come out..btw the boots are fantastic never seen anything like it!

  4. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! You are a brilliant writer, and I can’t wait to see Forgotten with my eyes, not my imagination. Imagining is exhausting. 😉 But, as we all know, movies are never as great as the book they base them on. I believe that the book will ALWAYS be better. Long live authors! (and books)

    btw… The boots are supper cute! They’re not really my style, but they rock anyways!

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