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Hey, guess what? FORGOTTEN has been out for two months now! It’s like time was stuck in amber when I was waiting for the book to launch, and now I blink and three days rush by.  (And yes, “amber” was a reference to Fringe. I’m obsessed. What?) One of the things that occupies a lot of my time since the book launched is answering notes from readers. I begin each day by looking through comments, posts, tweets and emails, and I really try to respond in a timely fashion. The notes have made me laugh and cry (in a good way); reading them is such a special part of my morning. There is, of course, the question that I get asked a lot. You know, The Question. It’s dressed in black, lurking in the shadows, ready to jump out at me when I least expect it. “CAT, ARE YOU WRITING A SEQUEL TO FORGOTTEN?” (Eek!) I know, I know. You think it needs one. You think the book’s unfinished. You NEED to know what happens. But let me explain myself a bit. I’m not planning on writing a sequel to FORGOTTEN, not because I forgot how to write, and not because I’m lazy. (And not because I’m afraid of my overuse of the word “not,” which, in fact, I am.) Writing the first few drafts, I thought FORGOTTEN would be a series. But that was before I found The Ending. I was so happy the day when it all clicked into place–when finally I figured out how to leave London’s world in a satisfying way. It felt like a break in a rainstorm, only not that because I happen to like rainstorms. Here’s the thing: I get it. I get loving a book and wanting more, more, more. I do it, too! But to be honest, I’m not sure every book needs more, more, more. Here’s why I think FORGOTTEN works as a standalone: Simply put, the ending suits the story. Like London’s future, the ending isn’t set in stone; like London’s outlook, the ending is hopeful. I like that it isn’t tied up with a shiny red or any other color bow. Cause I’ve never really been a bow person. And when it comes down to it, I like that my book lets people go bow-less. I like that FORGOTTEN lets you use your imagination. So there it is: my answer to The Question. I hope I’ve clarified things, and if not, I’ll add that just because I’m not planning on a sequel doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I’ll announce details about my second book in the next month or so. My third is with my agent. My fourth is halfway finished. My fifth is (still) eight pages long. I’ll keep writing if you keep getting in touch, and I’ll even gladly take The Question even though it’s so dark and lurky. Because what it means to me is that you read my book. What it means to me is that you enjoyed my book enough to give up some of your precious free time to write to me and ask for more, more, more. Even though I hate to say “no,” I do hope you like what’s next. And ultimately, fingers crossed that you’ll ask The Question about that one, too.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation Cat – I actually love the way the book ends and never thought about it needing a sequel. Looking forward to your next four (!!) books!

    Nat x

  2. I loved Forgetten and i thought the ending was good, but you have me constantly wondering if **** dies?????????????????????????????????? [blocked out in case some [crazy] people haven’t gotten around to reading your book yet]. Glad that you are writing more books though !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. I love the book!!! I have a real connection with the characters and when they get embarrassed I get embarrassed for them!! Same goes for those times alone with luke (If you know what I mean 😉 ) I get butterflies! I also am really worried about **** and what happens to him! When London told her future memory to her mum I started crying and my BFF started asking if I was ok!!!

  3. I definitely would have loved a sequel, since I’m a person that loves the books to tell me how it is, and let me adapt it in my head, and have definite answers to questions. All the same, it was amazing, and i ate it up. It kind of reminded me of the movie Changeling, if you find that to be a good thing.

  4. I think it’s great that you’re NOT writing a sequel! There are so many series out there at the moment, it’s downright annoying and I really appreciate it when I come across a book that is a stand alone. I must admit I would read a Forgotten sequel because I really enjoyed the book but I’m glad there won’t be one, I’m glad Forgotten was a one time pleasure and I’d rather look forward to a new book from you with new ideas and characters.

  5. I loved your book and I did not want this book to have a sequel,because it seems like every book that comes out nowadays is part of a series. I did, however want an epiloque set a few years in the future,so that the ending would be more conclusive(and hopefully death-less). But I have to say that although I like endings where everything is completely resolved, I think that this book ended beautifully. The book ends with the promise of/hope for a better future and reminded me (and I hope other readers) to live and love today,because we might not have tomorrow. In the end, sending a message like that through your book is okay with me.

  6. wow i am so greatful i found your blog! i just finished reading it and ran to the computer to see if its going to be a movie, cos its perfffect for it! then the second question was if there was a sequel because i screamed when i turned the page and read the title “Acknowledgments”!!!! but i read your explanation and i guess your right! i hope you know who doesnt die and i hope she finds you know who and is the best man when london and luke get married..because i think they should! I just want to thank you for such and amazing book i enjoyed it so much, every time i picked it up and someone interupted me i looked at the time and was like WOAHHH, i got so into it that i didnt realise how long id spent reading! Thank you again and i cannot WAITTTT until the casting for Luke! i think Hailee is amazing for it, but will she have red hair? please say yes!!!

  7. Hello, I am from Kuwait and I just want to say I am sooo glad I ordered this book from! It was an amazing read and I think the ending is perfect! It was really a refreshing concept. I can’t wait for the next one!

  8. Hi Cat.
    Thank you for writing forgotten it was a truly beautiful read I loved it so much that i’m sending a copy to my friend in Africa because I know she will love it just as much as me. One thing I want to know is how did it play out in YOUR head. Did Luke die and did they find Jonas’s kidnappers. What fate did you imagine for the characters?

  9. I have just finished reading forgotten and i went online and found your website immediately to find out if there was a sequel. I was distaught when I discovered you weren’t planning on writing one. I was expecting there to be a book called remembered or something like that explaining if London manages to save Luke’s life or whether she gets cured. I am so happy you are writing new books though!! I can’t wait!! 😀

  10. just finished your book.
    loved it.
    it’s the first mystery book that i liked–at least it is categorized as mystery in the library:))
    i didn’t even realize that it’s a mystery book until i finished it. i’m not much of a fan of a mystery book–i wasn’t until i read forgotten.
    after i finished it i wanted a sequel but after i read the comments of other readers i guess they’re right. i guess the story would kind of drag or something but then i think i’m still gonna be interested if there was a sequel.
    is there really gonna be a movie??
    looking forward to it.
    and to your future books too

  11. I just finished your book literally 10 minutes ago after starting it last night, and can I just say that it was AWESOME!!! Anyway, I absolutely loved the ending, I thought it was the perfect way to end the book and I’m glad you’re not planning on writing a sequel because I think the way you left everything was perect. Really looking forward to hearing more about your other books 🙂

  12. Cat,
    I absolutely ADORED Forgotten. It kept me up untill 3 in the morning so I could finish it. I think your a brilliant writer.

  13. Loved Forgotten. I am tired of having to wait a year for the next installment of EVERYTHING, so I guess I’m glad that there won’t be a sequel. (I say “I guess” because I read the ending and irrationally hoped for a sequel.)

  14. Hi Cat,

    I really liked Forgotten and don’t think that it needs a sequel at all. I am really excited for your other books to come out and will wait until they are in stores.
    Tess 🙂

  15. Hey,
    A friend of mine threw the book, Forgotten at me. She threw it and said read it. I was showing her the face of um-why-did-you-throw-a-book-at-me. And today I had nothing else to do so I sat down and read Forgotten. I loved it. Although I am a little sad that you aren’t going to write a squeal to it. I understand why. Its kind of like The Giver. It makes you think what would happen, using your imagination. And now I’m going to be the person throwing Forgotten at my friends telling them to read it 😉


    1. Hey Kameron,
      Just wanted to let you know that there is actually a sequel to the Giver (there’s actually three more). Didn’t know if you knew that, just wanted to let you know!

  16. I loved FORGOTTEN . . . Im glad that you aren’t writing a sequel, it suits it’s ending and people can use their imagination to work out their own future for London. Seriously, I would LOVE to see what some people come up with. Can’t wait to read your other books . . .

  17. hi first i want to say that like all the other comments (and i know like everyone will say this but) i love forgotten i think it seems more like a part o

  18. ooops sorry i forgot to finish my sentence i was saying that forgotten feels like a part of me the way you can relate to london also luke seems like such the dream boyfriend anyway i think it would be very cool to have a sequal about londons life and relationship with luke because its such a good book you never really want to say goodbye i cant wait for the movie to come (will it be coming out????) i couldso imagine that the worlds bes

  19. oooops i forgot to finish my sentence i was saying that forgottn is more like a part of me than just a book, i found myself reading the book over and over again even after id finished it. Cat it would be awesome if you could write a book with a different punch line but similarities as i think it is a very well written book

  20. I LOVED the book! It is amazing! I usually read books about the end of the world. This book was even better! Cat you are my favorite author just from reading one book! I LOVE IT!!!! It made me think I read it in August of 2011 and now Im doing a report on it (Diary Style 😛 ) any Ideas for me? anything would help 😀 haha! ~Jesse 🙂

  21. i cant believe it, i spent five hours yesterday reading this book and now your telling me that i won’t ever find out if Jonas is found, if Luke is saved and most importantly if London ever regains normal brain/memory function?! Come on you have to write a sequel,i love this book and i think it needs a proper conclusion, i don’t want to have to imagine it, please write a sequel!

  22. Hit Cat! 😀

    i loved your book FORGOTTEN! i just finished reading it like 5 minutes or so ago. I liked the ending but i also though that it was left as cliffhanger if you know what i mean. But i do get your point very well(: I also hope the movie comes out as good as the book not like other movies that suck at it and they miss a lot of good details…but anyway good job with your writing(: you have encouraged me to keep writing the book i’m momentarily stuck on and i hope to finish soon…well best wishes to you, your husband and your little twins! 😀 bye! :3

  23. The book is super good and I heard a movie is being made? Hailee Steinfeld is good but she has to have red hair! I don’t know if you have anything to do with the casting but Luke has to be absolutely gorgeous I think Zac Efron would be good 🙂 Thanks for writing this book!

  24. Okay . . I feel a little confused about the ending and personally, I am the type of person who likes a clear ending . . BUT I understand the concept. It’s disappointing, but I understand it.

  25. By the way, even with the question at the end, it is the most AMAZING book ever. It even beats Twilight, which is HUGE for me. 🙂

  26. Just finished FORGOTTEN and legged it to my laptop to see if there was a sequel,, and if I’m honest I have to say I’m gutted there won’t be, as some other people have said, I’m definatley one for a clear ending 😛 But i respect your decision and can only hope that something changes your mind about writing a sequeal 😉
    Thanks for the epic book, you’re a genius 🙂

  27. Hi Cat, I loved your book Forgotten. I’ve (Re)read it three times in the past week and I’m Still Loving It. I also wanted there to be a more definite ending to Forgatten (like a math problem). I mean, “What happens? Does London’e boyfreind die or what? IS Jonas still a happy kid or has being kidnapped somehow change him? OR, even worse, what if London accidentaly changed the future again and Jonas doesn’t come back?” Still, no definite ending leaves more room for the imaginatin. We can all write our own sequels, the way we want it to end. There’s nothing better to do than to rip up pages and pages of stories we worked so hard on but still didn’t like how it sounded (‘_’)

  28. Hi! I am very much enjoying your book Forgotten!! I was just wondering exactly how London Lane lost her short term memory, allowing her to only remember her past!

  29. I loved your book forgotten i reallyn think there should be a sequel becausee it left me not knowing what exactly happened to everybody

  30. 🙁 plz write a sequel, I know u like the way it ended but I want to meet Jonas and I want to meet luke and London’s family. 🙁 🙂 plzzzz

  31. Hi Cat!
    I’m from hungary, and I just read your book. When I finished it and found out that you don’t write a sequel I was so hopeless.. I wished that my memory was just like London’s to forget your book and read it again tomorrow and the day after that until it falls apart. 🙂 I totally understand your explanation but I will need time and plenty of other books to get over it that the story ends. Thank you for wrtiting that amazing book, I’m looking forward to your other stories.

  32. Words cannot even describe how much I adore this book. “Forgotten” has been one of the few books I’ve read to really make that beautiful and often underappreciated click inside my mind. Now I won’t lie; I was rather disappointed when I discovered there was not going to be a sequel. In sequels, there are next to never any “what ifs”, just simple, pure closure. Now I’m not saying there is anything bad about the concept of sequels. No, not at all. I enjoy stand alone books and sequels alike. But I feel “Forgotten” has really ceased my unrelenting expectance of a follow up. The characters, plot, and overall tone of the book is beyond exceptional. Go give yourself a pat on the back 😀

  33. I absolutely love your books and Forgotten was by far one of my favorite books that I have read (and I read A LOT)… I was just wondering what is the setting for Forgotten I am doing a book review and only know that they go to Meridan High. I would love to hear back from you <3 AshieB

    1. Yay, thanks! The setting is never specified but the town and school are inspired heavily by Cheyenne, Wyoming and Central High School.

  34. Cat Patrick….I really loved forgotten…I bought your book with my own money at 11yrs old and I still have it to this day, I never tire of reading it over and over. Have you already started working on a sequel? Can you give out any hints of what it might be called and if youre going to introduce any new characters…I would really like to know. c:

  35. If you don’t write a sequel I might die forgotten was so good I actually screamed when the book finished and I didn’t get to know if Luke survives

  36. Hi Cat Patrick,
    I am just about finished your book ‘Forgotten’ & it is the BEST book I have ever read! I have a few questions for you though.
    1. Is there going to be a sequel? (I would be first in line if there was!!)
    2. Will there be a movie produced? I think that would be a great idea!
    Thanks Cat and I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  37. I absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE Forgotten!!! i was hoping for a sequel but givin your explanation, i can be happy with that. You are a very talented writter and i cant wait to be caught in anouther book of yours<3 The way you write is so enticing and rhat's exactly what i love in a good author! Keep up the great work and i wish you only the best success!! <333

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