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    I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Even though I moved away more than 15 years ago, every time I visit, Cheyenne still feels like home. That’s why I was so excited to go back last week. I got to visit family and friends–and to introduce my girls to a ton of their extended family–and fit in a little FORGOTTEN promotion, too. Since I’m still exhausted from my vacation (isn’t that always the case?), here’s a quick trip summary.   Leaving on a jet plane (for the first time they remember), here are my mini silhouettes at the Seattle airport. They loved the flight, and they loved the cake my adorable sister-in-law had waiting when we arrived.   The first full day in Cheyenne, my creative writing teacher gave me a tour of my old high school, and helped me shoot footage around town for a video I’m making: Cheyenne inspiration for the setting in FORGOTTEN. Guess what big book moment the view in the first photo inspired? Friday was BOOK DAY! I did an interview on my local hometown news station…     …then had an amazingly well attended reading/signing at Barnes & Noble.   I met new friends who go to my old high school…   And saw old friends who went to my old high school…   Grandpa Jack threw together an impromptu family reunion, and I got face time with some of my oldest and dearest friends. All in all, the trip made me squishy with happiness. I can’t wait to return next summer to promote my second book. And to all of you who came out to support me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Much love, Cat

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  1. Ooooooh, I LOVE this post. So glad your trip went so well and you looked great on the still shot of the news cast! (The camera loves you.) Don’t you love the bottom part? “Cat Patrick, AUTHOR Forgotten” Oh yeah!
    Good for you. So much family and hometown love is simply good for the soul.

  2. Its soo cool that you put all those pictures up from your signing! Have to say I love the one of us. So glad I got to me you! It was super fun, and the fish bowls were a pretty cool idea. Loved hearing all the stories of things people forgot!

    1. Thanks Jojo! I’m so glad you had fun, and I agree: The photo of us is awesome! Thanks again for your support. I hope to visit Cheyenne again next year when I’m promoting my second book. 😉

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