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It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I’ve almost forgotten how (I’m not exactly doing well on that resolution, am I?), but I had to share today’s amazing news: Paramount bought the rights to Forgotten and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) is attached to play London. I have to say that True Grit has my vote for the best movie of last year, and I was rooting for Hailee to get an Oscar way before this ever happened.  So when I heard that she likes Forgotten and agreed to be attached to the project, I was thrilled.  Then Paramount and an exceptional team of producers joined the fun. Of course, not every project purchased in Hollywood gets made into a movie–not even by a long shot–but for today, I am flat out thrilled.  Hailee will make a perfect London and here’s crossing fingers and toes that it happens.  Today’s news is a great big giant leap in the right direction. Read all about it here (photo is from, as well). And best of luck next weekend, Hailee.  You deserve it, girl.

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  1. Wow that’s amazing! And so quick! She was an amazing actor in True Grit and deserved to win more awards than she did. Congratulations 🙂

      1. Has this became a movie yet? I just read the book & it was so so amazing. Please tell me there’s a movie or a second booking.. I love it so much.

  2. I just finished reading Forgotten! That was the BEST book I have read in a while! I can’t wait till your movie…It’s going to be awesome. Hailee will be great playing London.

  3. I love Forgotten:) It has to be one of the best books ever! Can’t wait to see the movie! I think Hailee will make a great London!

  4. I am sooooooo in love with forgotten! So its not a for- sure movie? I hope its a movie! Im sure it will be great, ESPECIALLY if hailee steinfeld is London!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Hailey! It’s a pretty sure movie…things are looking good. But until they start filming, you never know for sure. xox

  5. WOW! just read forgotten and then bought it for my bestie’s bday and she read it in one sitting. it was amazing!!! hope there may be a sequel and can’t wait for the movie! can defs see Hailee playing london 🙂 xx

  6. I am reading the book now and LOVE it all the girls in my school want to read it!!
    I would love to see a movie about it

  7. I cannnot wait untill the movie comes out (which hopefully is soon!) I read your book and it was amazing and so i hope the movie is too! PS: Hailee Steinfeld is so pretty and would be amazing for the part!

  8. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! i loved this book so much and when i saw it was becoming a movie i screamed!!!! (mum freaked out – she thought something was wrong) I loved the True Grit movie (incl. the original) and I think Hailee would make the most awesome London!! I really want to know who plays Luke – I hope he is as cute as I imagined him!!! xox 🙂

  9. The minute i saw this book, i ddnt even have to read the description to know that it is GREAT!! This is a wonderful book and i’m glad a movie myt be made, no not glad, stoked!! Hailee is the perfect choice for London…Big Q is, who is Luke??? (hope he’s as hot as i imagine) ;P

  10. omg ur book was so amazing and gripping i finished it in a day, it was like i was in the book with London Lane. I really hope it gets made into a movie, i know i will be there watching it, <3 it 😀

  11. hey, been searching online for ages now (great book by the way) but can’t seem to find anything about this film. Do you know when it will be released??
    Thanks. xxx

  12. i littterally loved this book!!!!! it only took me 24hrs to read i nonstop. I cant wait for the movie. I’ll be one of the firsts to see it. Good luck.
    P.S. please write more!
    <3 catherine

  13. I loved reading your book so much.
    Actually, I live in Japan and speak japanese. I met this novel in bookstore while visiting france. I was looking for an english novel to read to keep my english. I was in U.K. and USA for three years each.
    Anyway, the story was so interesting and excitng that I read in a week (that’s quite fast to come to the end of a foreign novel, isn’t it?) Ofcourse with a dictionary in the other hand.

    So many precious words to remember. So many important things written in this novel.
    I was so impressed.

    Wish my note’s english is not too bad that making this this message complicated. Hope you can understand.

    The book was wonderful.

    Thanks, Sarah

  14. Omg, I have read the book almost seven times in under a month. Amazing – is the only word I can use to describe it! When is the film coming out, cannot wait – eek! Who’s going to play Luke?! Soo many questions towards the movie!!

  15. Hi…!! I’ve read this book 5 times straight! I got caught in class for reading it during class. Its obsessive! Thank you, Cat! Please tell me when’s the movie coming out. E-mail me! Cant wait to hear from you. P/s: You’re awesome. I fully support Hailee and everyone! Im always online for updates. Xoxoxo, Nicole. 😉

  16. Forgotten is an awesome book recommended by my sis and all the best 4 the movie, will be first in line to see it 😉 and i think Hailee will be amazing as London, but will she hae to dye her hair red??? thankyou for writing such an enjoyable book to be passed on to all of my friends (who have all said it was awesome) and lastly, will you be writing more books??? because i will definitely buy it when it comes out 😀 Good luck and have fun writing and filming!

  17. I found your novel so wonderful !!!!!!!!! And I want to know when the movie will go out… I looks forward to him it ! You know when does he it go out ?

  18. hi , i just wanted to say thats this book is fantastic i started it the day befor yesterday and have only a cuple of chapters left . I dont know the end yet but i just love it .
    Congratulation on the movie , im looking forwards in knowing when its going to comme out !
    thanks you for the fantastic story 🙂

    ps : i can see luke played but james laferty !

  19. OH MY GOSH! I read your book Forgotten and Revived TWICE each!!!! I am one of your biggest fans and can not BELIEVE there will be a MOVIE!!! Thanks so much for filling my free time with the joy of reading your work and I can’t wait to see the movie!

    CONGRATS and best wishes,

  20. i’m reading forgotten right now!! i got it yesterday and im on page 208!!! i love this book so much and i can’t wait to see the movie!! when does it come out? i love this book more than any other book i’ve read!

  21. This was a FANTASTIC book!!! i chose it for my book project and i read it in three days!! greatest book ive read in a while…. 🙂

  22. Forgotten is my fave book of all times!!! Once i got it i literally did not move until it had ended! Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. OH MY GOSH. A movie about the best book in history?!! *screams* I cannot believe this! Cat, you are absolutely my all-time favorite author!!! You are SUCH an inspiration and Revive left me in awe of your work. I really hope Paramount does a fantastic job on this movie because you deserve it girl!
    -Your biggest fan yet!!(:

  24. Have they already made the movie or… are they not making it??? I hope it will be made because this is my all time favourite book and I have read it 15-20 times at the least!

    1. They’re not making it, unfortunately. Sometimes movie studios buy book rights and let them expire without filming. That was the case here, unfortunately.

  25. Hi, Cat!
    I’m from Brazil and I’ve to say that I loved your book Forgotten!!
    My doubt is: are you thinking about a new book about London and Luke?
    I loved this couple and I think that Forgotten was not much clear about what happened with Luke. Will he really die or not?
    I would be very happy with your answer.

    With you the best!!

    1. Thank you, Joyce. No, I’m not planning a sequel to Forgotten, as I think the ending gives enough while still leaving something to the imagination. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Best, Cat

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